We understand that the time it takes to build a network is money out-of-pocket for you and having a partner that can make effective decisions based on real-world experience will assist you to have an operational network faster and begin reaping the benefits of your network. We don't learn on your dime, we bring experienced personnel to the table that allows us to go from decision to implementation quickly and effectively. We provide our customers with cost-effective solutions based on our experience in designing, building and operating networks. 

                     Business Planning
                     to Promote
                     Economic Development

                         We can assist in helping you                                    determine what optics and     bandwidth options are already in your community and also help you develop a plan to deploy your own fiber assets to bring these services to your community. We can help you find the right   solutions with in your budget to meet your bandwidth needs.

We develop the following:

  • Master Business Plans

  • Telecom Infrastructure Audits

  • Indefeasible rights to use (IRU) Agreements

  • Grant Writing Assistance

  • Partnership Development with fiber owners, ISPs, Data Centers, etc. to help your business gain the communication infrastructure it needs.

  • And...Consulting/Negotiations in all aspects of telecom 


                           How will your network be built and                            what are the associated costs?

                           Breakeven and cash-flow analysis needed? Pre-engineering services required? Build or lease a network?

NIS develops Network Feasibility Studies/Tariff Sheets/ Rate Studies

Requirements Gathering


  • What are your objectives?

  • Who are your competitors?

  • What technologies will help you meet your requirements?


These are all questions we can help answer. In a nutshell “we listen to you.”



                                    Need a resource to manage                                     and make sure contractors                                       are building to engineering specifications? Keeping up to codes and standards (NESC, IEEE, RUS)? Our outside plant managers can provide on-site construction management to make sure our clients are getting what they pay for.




Need a resource to manage   your vendors and design criteria? Our project managers provide hands-on services and keep our customers in the loop. No surprises, only results.

                         Fiber Assets

                         Do you own fiber assets? If you                              are a municipality, school district

                         or other public or private sector

                         owner of fiber assets and are

                         looking for a way to leverage those assets and bring additional revenue to your organization, we can help you develop a plan and market your fiber assets.

                         Internet Service                            Provider (ISP)

                                  Are you a Service Provider?

                                  NI Solutions work with both                                     communities and service                                         providers to assist in creating an agreement and strategy that is beneficial to both parties. We can define the strategy we can then assist with implementation.