Hendricks Regional Health, Hendricks County, Indiana 

NI Solutions was hired by Hendricks Regional Health to define and evaluate the potential for the hospital and its affiliates to develop a broadband communications network, utilizing a fiber optic backbone to connect their hospitals throughout the county. The plan provided a vision of the hospital’s present and future telecommunications needs. The recommendations of the Broadband study were implemented resulting in building out a state-of-the-art 10-Gigabit fiber optic network. The fiber optic backbone is connected to a Point of Presence, with a choice to buy bandwidth at an affordable price from different vendors. The electronics design tasks include detailed recommendations of electronics required to energize the system.


Parkview Regional Health, Fort Wayne, Indiana 

NIS developed a Broadband Network Plan to define and evaluate the potential for Parkview Health System to construct a broadband communications network, utilizing a fiber optic system capable of cost-effective, high-speed data services with full interactive capabilities.  The plan would provide a vision of the Client’s present and future telecommunications needs. The objectives of the Broadband Network Plan are as follows:

  1. Identify the internal and external telecommunications needs of Parkview Health.

  2. Develop a conceptual plan for providing connectivity between Parkview Health’s hospitals and clinics.

  3. Identify a potential point of presence (POP) or Data Hotel for connectivity

  4. Identify the potential to enter into resource sharing agreements with service providers that would provide telecommunications services to meet the needs of Parkview Health. The primary goal is to cut down Parkview Health’s telecommunication costs.

  5. Identify potential telecommunications service providers for resource sharing.

  6. Determine the feasibility of developing a Broadband Network for Parkview Health and its members.

  7. Assist with obtaining grants for building the fiber optic infrastructure with FCC funding.

  8. Provide technical assistance to the legal team assisting with FCC Grant

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