Fiber Optic Engineering & Construction

NI Solutions is a single-source engineer and integrator of end-to-end services for fiber optic networks. We have a dedicated team of professionals. We develop and build fiber optic solutions that meet the needs of our client organizations. Our engineering team provides the support required for preliminary planning, designing, permitting through as-built documentation as well as project management for our client’s projects. Our in-house, multi-discipline capability combined with decades of experience provides an efficient process for customers who place a premium on accuracy and productivity. NI Solutions can design/implement state of the art fiber networks including FTTx, Point to Point, Laterals, Spurs and long haul fiber.

We are committed to providing the most innovative network solutions, the highest caliber technology and the most reliable service to our clients. We provide consulting services during initial planning stages to get your project on the right track. Our services include fiber optic design engineering, budgeting, inspections, acceptance testing and documentation.

We can also review fiber optic operational problems and provide unbiased assessments.

NI Solutions Fiber Optic Engineering Services:

  • Initial planning & design

  • Cost analysis

  • Route selection and feasibility studies

  • Detailed aerial and buried engineering

  • Material evaluation (bill of materials)

  • Pole Attachment designs

  • Splicing material fabrication

  • Contractor management

  • Work with our clients to create detailed Request for Proposals

  • Bid review

  • Contractor evaluation

  • Contractor management and oversight

  • Fiber Plant Inspection and certification

NI Solutions can provide our client a turn-key engineering service for aerial and underground plant construction. We have a proven ability to work with municipalities, utilities, and tribal governments to expedite the engineering and permitting process. NI Solutions will design the route in the most economical fashion while keeping to industry standards and the customer’s needs both immediate and future. Once work begins we can manage the field construction teams and provide onsite modifications and handle all change orders. Our goal is to keep the project on schedule and within budget.


Field Engineering:

  • As-Built, Greenfield and Plant Extension Surveys

  • Field Audit, Analysis, Fiber Plant documentation

  • MDU Retrofit and Path Creation Surveys

  • Municipality permitting and ROW procurement

  • Change order management

  • Fiber Optic pathways

  • Backbone and Feeder Design

  • Splicing Logic

  • Loss Calculation Documentation

  • Distribution Designs

Network Engineering:

Platforms and Specifics
Architectures: i8051, ix86, i960, Atmel AVR and AVR32, ARM (various), MIPS, IA-64, TI C6000, Motorola/Freescale HC12/9S12

  • Operating Systems: Linux 2.0-2.6 (Various Distributions as well as embedded systems), MS Windows (1.03, 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7), DOS 3.0-6.22, FreeRTOS

  • Languages: C, Assembly (various architectures), C#, Java, PHP, Verilog Relevant software packages: Altium Designer (preferred ECAD package), Cadence OrCAD (capture, layout, PSPICE), PADS, Eagle CAD, Xilinx ISE/EDK/BSB, gcc/binutils

  • Hardware Related: IEEE 802.15.4 (” ZigBee”), USB, ATSC/DVB, BT.656

  • Solid foundational knowledge of cryptography including applications of various ciphers such as AES, DES/3DES, RC5, RSA, DSA




  • E-Line: Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint configurations

  • Flexible network topologies, including point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint

  • Service multiplexing and transparency

  • Interoperability between LAN and WAN

  • QoS prioritization

  • Simple WAN solution seamlessly connecting remote locations

  • E-LAN: Multipoint-to-Multipoint configuration

  • Carrier Ethernet E-LAN Metro Service

  • Multipoint-to-multipoint allowing all your locations to communicate with each other

  • Consolidate fragmented legacy networks into one scalable, high performance network