Irshad Ansari
Founder and Principal

With over 30 years experience in the utility and telecommunications industry, Mr. Ansari has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration with a major in Management Information Systems.

His understanding of telecommunications systems and networks has resulted in helping towns, cities, counties and large hospitals, achieve their telecommunications goals. 

Olin Clawson
Senior Vice President

With over 25 years of experience in utilities, serving in local, state and national capacities, Olin brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience building, operating and maintaining utility communications, SCADA and AMI systems.


Born in rural Western New Mexico, Olin saw firsthand how important communications networks are for educational equality and small businesses competitiveness. Olin seeks to help level the playing field for families and communities who have historically been left behind in terms of access to the Internet—specifically, access to true high speed communication networks, like fiber optics.


Olin has been recognized Nationally for his executive leadership abilities, receiving The American Public Power Associations Mark Crisson Leadership and Managerial Excellence Award in 2016—the organizations highest managerial award.

Mujtaba "Moosh" Ansari
Project Principal

Mujtaba “Moosh” Ansari has over 20 years’ experience in both the public and private sectors, with a focus on developing and managing fiber optic networks.  Once the physical network is active, Moosh’s primary task is to ensure sustainability of the network including identifying, developing, and evaluating marketing strategies, market characteristics, and cost benefit analysis.


Moosh is a graduate of the University of Indiana and started his career in the telecommunications field in 1995 working as a master control operator for the Pegasus Corporation.

Gregory Neibarger
Vice President/Secretary

With over a decade of experience on the legal side of the utility and telecommunications industries, Greg joined NI Solutions due to the importance of broadband connectivity in today’s new normal--especially for those outside large metropolitan areas.


Born in a small town in the Midwest, Greg values the importance of a quality education. He believes broadband provides fundamental access to educational opportunities and allows cities and towns to achieve appropriate growth and attract businesses and industries. Greg has used his understanding of the legal and logistic issues surrounding utility and telecommunications systems to help advise cities and towns to achieve growth and sustainability goals.

Greg has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Missouri and a law degree from Indiana University, where he graduated summa cum laude.

Brian Ho
Project Manager

Brian has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and customer support which he leverages to bring people and technology together. Even small projects can be complex, and Brian will provide personal service to cut through the complexity and bring the right people and resources together for a successful result.

Brian is a graduate of Ball State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications.

Edward Ackerson
OSP Manager

Ed has over 35 years experience in Outside Plant 


NI Solutions is a small telecommunications/engineering company that thrives on client references and “word of mouth” advertising. It's imperative that we provide quality services well beyond the competition. We will go the extra mile to ensure quality services for our clients in the hope that they will tell their friends. We might be small but we have the knowledge and experience to launch large telecommunications projects and initiatives. We hit the ground running with our direct approach to building success and we can utilize our knowledge to develop custom tailored solutions to launch your telecommunications initiatives. 

Irshad Ansari

President / CEO

NI Solutions Inc.